What Can I Read for You?

Deep Engaging Voice for Commercial Work and Digital Media

The Oklahoma Beef Council Ranch Dogs

Check Out Horse #1 that Cancels the date.

Piusi USA How to Videos for many products


There are a number of books available on Audible and iTunes with more on the way. Jon would love to read your book and has narrated everything from self-help to Myster Nior, cowboy novels, and more. Hit the button for more.


There is nothing like a strong voice to represent your products. Sam Elliott, Morgan Freeman, and Jon Wilkins are all a great choice for your narration. Jon has a number of voices to capture the style you are after.


Writing scripts, comedic dialog, and an overall sense of fun is important for all sorts of purposes. Jon can help create a winning script that will not only grab attention, it will leave listeners amused.ILet me take a crack at driving some business.

Voice Talent Available and Books for Sale

There are a few titles currently available through Audible and iTunes and more on the way. I have narrated self-help, short stories, and novels in a variety of genres.

A bonus of working with me is my 18+ year marketing background. I like to think that I retired from marketing but unfortunately, nobody can get away from promoting themselves if success is the goal. I create videos and manage Social Media for all of my available titles to help drive sales for the author.

Let me know where my voice works well with your project.

Jon Tells Jokes and Entertains Crowds

Jon is a Stand Up Comedian and runs the most exciting and entertaining Sushi Comedy Experience in the world! Every Thursday at Sushi Hai in the Denver Highlands. 

You can also see hi at Goosetown Tavern during the monthly Comedy Showcase Show with Some of the Funniest Nationally Touring act passing through town.