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What I Now Know

My List of Top Three Enhancers

I've had this website/blog for a few years with little traffic. Much like comedy you can call yourself whatever you'd like as long as you have proof. Comedians walk into venues all over the world and confidently get on stage, sometimes without validated cedentials. Some have a vouch of some sort and some bullshit their way on and doesn't matter if you deliver. Finally, this site gets hits based on my new approach. There are three easy rules.

Keep Learning

I was producing my files in Audacity, a free open source program. Audacity is easy to learn and with the right amount of time you can do anything. I stepped up my game and purchased Logic Pro X. After a good 3 days of trying to learn it before shelving the program for the easy fix,  familiar Audacity. I paid someone a bunch of money to make me a demo and let me tell you that was a mistake. This professional demo got torn apart by some pros in a Facebook group. I was mad at first but then realized just because I spent money.

During the pandemic, learning Logic Pro X became a goal for many reasons. The pros also say not to produce your own demo but the comedians always say to produce your own material. As both, I came up with the video below. is responsible for the video and there are credits below to honor those that created the themes.

One thing that the pros told me in that Facebook group was that "you didn't make that Home Depot commercial, so and so did! You didn't work that GMC ad so and so did!" I have consistent clients and a handful of great produced spots but that reel isn't getting much attention so here Is what I can up with after learning how to master sound a bit.

Does Your Voiceover Demo Make People Think?

Make Friends or Join a Community

Through my short tenure as a growing Voiceover artist, I have made the same mistakes as any rookie. A lot of comedians will tell you that they will go to a show they aren't on if it's free and others support every show regardless of their contribution. The latter usually get further and make friends. It's nice to have someone to communicate with that is at the same level regardless of the other aspects of life. We started at the same time, we are like brothers, some would say.

Show some props, like other people's work, and do some things you might have convinced yourself are below your pay grade. Since adopting that philosophy things have been looking up.

People I have met and allowed me to share their work. Tyler Vendetti with The Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words that inspired Word of the Day from Weirdly Specific Words by Tyler Vendetti,, Dr. Nancy Colier, and Antonio Elefano for allowing me to reproduce Italy, one of the 30 Short Stories to read in your 20s.

Be Positive Just Like Always

Being negative used to be my thing. A decision was made to either transcend into the very grumpy version of the young negative man I grew into or lighten up and enjoy life. I have my moments and my goal is to move along life progressing while working smart. In the past having a day job was a drag and now it's something to do during a pandemic. Who knew you can chase your dreams and pay your bills.

My Professionally Produced Voiceover Demo


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