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Weirdly Specific Word of the Day – Antediluvian

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Today's word of the day is Antediluvian.

This Weirdly Specific Word, Antediluvian is a time period before the great flood in the Bible.

"The Masoretic Text of the Torah places the Great Deluge 1,656 years after Creation, or 1656 AM (Anno Mundi, "Year of the World"). Many attempts have been made to place this time-span at a specific date in history."

This quoted text is from Wikipedia and also confusing to so many arguments on all sides of religion. I have often wondered where the dinosaurs fit into the grand scheme of the world.

Based on Various Versions The Big Wooley Mammoth Exists. 

This is the time period when the Big Wooley Mammouth walked the earth. Circa 2010 in Aspen Colorado, well Snowmass Village they finally found remains. Back in the 1990's Widespread Panic wrote a song about the Big Wooley Mammouth and the world came together when Snowmass name this the official song of the city. Read the story from their webpage here.

The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words is fun and entertaining so I want to share. Tyler has a great sense of humor and I asked if I can record a Word of the Day post to help brighten everyone's day. I also think you should get a copy of the book.

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