Check Out Cartoon Jon Wilkins in the Key of Sam Elliott

October 25, 2018 Blog Demo Marketing Voiceover Work 0

The voiceover industry is tough and very competitive. Some recently told me that you can be more unique through impersonation. I have a guy people seem to like but it’s not necessarily an impersonation. When I am tired and speaking in a lazy cadence I tend to sound like a cowboy a  cowboy or doorman at a… Read more

Any Voiceover Up to 75 Words for $5 – FREE Quotes Too!

March 12, 2018 Demo Marketing Voiceover Work 0

Get a High-Quality Voiceover file quickly and easily. Add some bells and whistles or even have a video created to share on Social Media. Video drives traffic, building awareness, and converting sales. Video increases time spent on websites and content is king. I’ll create something nice based on your script and all you have to… Read more

Motivational Videos with Epic Music and Voiceover are All The Rage

December 22, 2017 Blog Demo Voiceover Work 0

Fiverr is terrible for almost anything because buyers don’t understand what is involved in the production of the item being purchased. With that being said, the sellers mostly don’t know what they are providing. A mutual understanding is a wonderful thing and my experience includes fulfilling reasonable expectations. Now grab yourself a motivational video! You… Read more

Fiverr is a Good Launching Pad or Loss Leader

December 3, 2017 Blog Marketing Voiceover Work 0

I do some work on Fiverr and the results are fantastic, the process is ok, and the platform leave a bit to be desired. I like to work with clients and communicating with those that are responsible for the final product. Don’t get me wrong, work is work but there are aspects of the voiceover… Read more

Fiverr Gigs Available or Order Direct – What’s the Difference?

October 4, 2017 Blog Demo FREE Content Voiceover Work 0

I’ve got a Fiverr Profile, JonWilkins303, that allows me to get the word our for small to large gigs. I never work for $5 and so far my average sale is $133. The problem is that sellers need to promote even though there is a pool of people always coming to Fiverr for the specific… Read more

FREE Vladimir Nabokov Short Story Signs and Symbols: What Does It All Mean?

July 15, 2017 Demo FREE Content Short Story 0

There is something about this short story by Vladimir Nabakov published in the New Yorker May 15, 1948. These days we take typos very seriously and I wonder why people have gotten away with it in the past. Most likely because people make mistakes, event the greatest of people make small mistakes and as you… Read more