Sometimes You Just Want Things Like a Lightning Port Mic

December 30, 2017 Marketing Uncategorized Voiceover Work 0

I like this microphone for 3 Reasons and they are: It’s made by Blue, my regular microphone manufacturer. I use a Blue Spark condenser mic for my work and absolutely love it. This mic can hook up to my iPhone! There is a lightning cable adapter for auditions on the go. The sound is good,… Read more

Professional Voiceover Equipment is Expensive. Is It?

December 28, 2017 Blog Marketing Uncategorized Voiceover Work 0

When I started in voiceover I was lucky to already have the equipment. It’s a funny story and one the many comedians share, the failed podcast. This is usually due to a comic coming up with an idea and running with it open mic style, as comics will do. I’ll get into that story later… Read more