Unwanted Dead or Alive


Dobie and Buck run into some bad luck and feel compelled to become outlaws. Unwanted Dead or Alive was a great read and I hope you enjoy the narration as much as I enjoy the story. There is a second book coming this summer so get you copy to see how their saga begins.

Buck Hawkins and Dobie Garrett are a pair of cowboys in the Texas Panhandle. They’re unlikely outlaws – until their ranch is stolen and the two cowhands framed for rustling and horse theft by a crooked banker.

Now with a price on their heads and hunted by the law, the two cowboys decide that if they have to ride the outlaw trail, they might as well be the best holdup artists in Texas. Problem is, they aren’t all that good at the trade.

Just when they thought it couldn’t get worse….

During a botched stage holdup, they meet Marylou Kowalski, who demands at the point of a derringer that Buck and Dobie kidnap her; she’s bored with her life and looking for excitement on the outlaw trail. Marylou convinces the two fugitives that the three of them can score the ultimate in revenge – holding up the crooked banker who posted reward fliers on the two cowboys.

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