Fun City Punch


Take a ride through Fun City where reality and the underworld are come together after dark in a drug induced Orwellian environment where the truth is hard to find. I loved reading this mystery noir and I hope you enjoy the narration as much as the story.

Imagine a world without cash. A world under surveillance. A world where morality points earn you your status.

Enter Private Eye Joe Dylan’s Fun City.

It’s corrupt to the bone and under the ever watchful surveillance system known as the Eye. Money has been abandoned in favor of the credit system. All citizens are required to carry hand held devises containing their credit score and personal information. Dylan is recovering from the government attitude adjustment program known as the Punch since his credits reached zero. His adopted son Jimmy is missing presumed dead and his basement office is infested with contrarian rats. When Dylan is assigned the task of keeping socialite artist Trixie Sloane on the straight and narrow, his pursuit of her leads him down into a sub-culture beneath the city where a vigilante Resistance force plan to strike out against the city before the last drop of human will and dignity is drained away down into the tunnels and the sewers under the metropolis. Enter the Fun City Punch.

©2016 James A. Newman (P)2017 James A. Newman