Absolute Knowledge by Drew Cordell

Publisher’s Summary

How far would you go to hide a truth that will kill you?

My life changed in a matter of minutes. The choices I made led me to a life of crime and caused me to become the worst sort of criminal; I became a traitor to the country of New York.

For better or worse, the path my life has taken is irreversible. I’ve killed, I’ve died, and I’ve risked my life in an attempt to destroy a society built on over 100 years of lies and corruption.

My name is Jacob Ashton, and this is my story.

Absolute Knowledge is the first of a trilogy that takes place in a dark, futuristic New York City set in 2146. The country of New York is divided into three physical tiers, and the faceless government is working to establish absolute knowledge by collecting the thoughts of its citizens.

In Absolute Knowledge, every thought has a price.

Drew Cordell’s debut novel is a new addition to the great cyberpunk sci-fi tradition of William Gibson, Ernest Cline, Bruce Sterling, and John Shirley.

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