8 Laws of Saving Money


There are ways to save money and this self-help book gave me the opportunity to learn through narration. Get you copy and let me tell you how to save money from the mind of Gerald Campbell.

Have you ever been thinking that it’s time to start saving money, but you just can seem to get around to it? Personal finance sometimes feels like a money management burden that will never leave you debt-free. In fact, Thomas Jefferson felt the same way. He had some very profound feelings about debt in both his public and private worlds, and he left behind some wise insight that allows us to realize we’re all in the same boat, with the same worries.

In this book we cover eight great money-saving strategies and rules that will change your way of thinking about frugal living, and budgeting for beginners. Of course, we do this with a little help and insight from the words of Thomas Jefferson himself.

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