There are a lot of questions to ask a Voiceover artist and some are much more relevant than others. The bottom line when it comes to voice talent is the artist's ability to deliver a communicate a message and deliver a quality audio file. I can do both and there are some additional question that are answered below.

What do you narrate?

I'll narrate almost anything outside of extreme gore and extremely demented acts that I just don't want to know about.

What type of voices do you do?

I have a deep baritone voice that is suitable for anything from audiobook narration to bedtime stories. I have an ACX profile you can see they types of books i am producing. I also have a Voice123 profile at here.

How long does the process take?

This question is tricky, sort of like asking how long it takes to build a house. I am efficient and also thorough to ensure your voiceover file meets your specification with the best quality based on requirements.

What does it cost?

Again a tricky question because it's like asking how long it cost to build a house. In an effort to save redundancy, there is a standard to rates in the voiceover and audiobook narration world. I like to estimate projects based on the client's needs and i audition based on those same needs. I am happy to provide a quote if you email me.