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The Coalition Superhuman, Volume 3 by Suzanne D Williams Narrated by Jon Wilkins (that’s me!)

Publisher’s Summary

“Who are you?” she asked, hesitant.

She would wake up any minute and find this night a dream. She hadn’t gotten stuck on the side of the road in the midst of a downpour. She hadn’t been attacked by an unknown assailant, and she wasn’t staring at a second man thinking if he didn’t kiss her, she’d lose her mind.

Stranded on the side of the road in a thunderstorm, Delilah Pesche prepared to wait the bad weather out. Until a man with a gun tried to kill her. Her rescue by superhuman Kaos Dawkins, although welcome, is strange. Sparks flying from his fingertips, him seemingly at one with the heavens, he draws her into a fiery embrace.

But one kiss in the dead of night proves to have dangerous consequences and a tie to their pasts that affects the future. A future dangerous criminals want to snuff out forever.

Book three of five in the Superhuman series – a fun ride into science fiction with best-selling author, Suzanne D. Williams.

©2016 Suzanne D. Williams (P)2017 Suzanne D. Williams

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