Great Short Stories: Italy by Antonio Elafano

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As part of my effort to help pass time and bring light to another great story, I have Italy by Antonio Elefano to the collection of short stories.  I was moved and it is no mystery why Buzzfeed added this tale to the 29 Short Stories you should read in your 20s list. I am… Read more

Todays Release: The beats Keep Coming –

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My pals at put out another great mix. Take a listen!  

Mark Twain: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Narrated by Jon Wilkins

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This story is a hoot! Take a listen and decide for yourself. Mark Twain knows how to write a story and ole Smile isn’t all that good at telling them. See why this is one of the funniest short stories ever written. Let me know what I can read for you! [ninja_form id=1]

Voiceover: Three for Hire – The Produced Spots are Portfolio Pieces

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I took three of my favorites to share giving people an idea of who I am as a Voiceover Artist. Motivational, Horselike, and an Infomercial for The DoorBull.  I’d love to help you produce the Voiceover you need. This demo includes the finished videos for The Men’s Summit, and The Door Bull.    [ninja_form… Read more

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe Narrated by Jon Wilkins

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Edgar Allan Poe is a hometown fella for me as a Baltimore native. I have a deep engaging baritone voice and always looking for something to read to showcase my talent, hopefully leading to a new gig. Here is my favorite poem, The Raven.  The background includes a static/radio noise as well as creepy music… Read more

Doing Research While Recording a Demo I Found This Gem – Tim Burton and Vincent

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This is very cool!

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Narrated by Silky Wilky

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Another FREE short story from the vault. The Yellow Wallpaper is a classic. Does it sound strange that I am narrating a female author writing a journal for a female character? I like the story but not sure if it comes across well with my deep baritone voice. It is nice read about going crazy… Read more

Fiverr Gigs Available or Order Direct – What’s the Difference?

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I’ve got a Fiverr Profile, JonWilkins303, that allows me to get the word our for small to large gigs. I never work for $5 and so far my average sale is $133. The problem is that sellers need to promote even though there is a pool of people always coming to Fiverr for the specific… Read more

How Do You Feel About Cuckoo Clocks? Ask Phillip K Dick

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Cuckoo for Short Stories While going though the Top 10 Short Stories in Public Domain, Beyond the Door came up on list. This is an interesting short tale of cuckoo proportions. Let me know what you think below. [socialpoll id=”2459022″]  

If Orwell Could See Us Now! Politics and The English Language Way Back in 1946

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George Orwell has a lot to say about how other write in New English. This is fun as current writing now in 2017 is most likely 61 years worse. It would be nice to get a follow up but that’s impossible. Politics and the English Language From byGeorge Orwell 4.32  ·  Rating details · 2,797 Ratings… Read more