Do You Repurpose YouTube Videos?

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This video is from the beginning of my Voiceover career and much like Standup Comedy people tend to post too much too soon. I listen to this video and realize that I do not sound anything like what I am sometimes told that I sound like. There is a joke, one of my oldest where… Read more

Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee Available Now on Amazon

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4: Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables Episode 4 – The Fisherman and the Little Fish

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The Fisherman and the Little Fish is the story of a man that fishes and catches a small fish. The story seems simple but once deconstructed there is a lot more to ask. “Live Long and Prosper,” says Spock. Do you think Spock and Aesop share the same philosophy? Find Aesop’s Fables before they are… Read more

3: Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables Episode 3 – The Mouse and the Frog

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Welcome to another episode of Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables where so far the theme has included murder. In this episode, a frog kills a mouse who is either drown to death or eaten to death by a Hawk. Either way, there is karma involved and animal on animal violence. The lesson is in those details somewhere… Read more

2: Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables – The Owl and the Grasshopper

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Episode 2 takes a look at The Ow and the Grasshopper. This story show how the Owl gets revenge on a grasshopper that is happily singing outside in the forest during the day. Call me crazy but I am confused as to who is learning the lesson. This episode is sponsored by· Anchor: The easiest… Read more

1: Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables – The Monkey and the Camel

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In this episode I try to figure out if the moral of the story is a little extreme to the level of the moral infraction. Things have changed in 2,800 years. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables with Jon Wilkins (Trailer)

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Check Out Cartoon Jon Wilkins in the Key of Sam Elliott

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The voiceover industry is tough and very competitive. Some recently told me that you can be more unique through impersonation. I have a guy people seem to like but it’s not necessarily an impersonation. When I am tired and speaking in a lazy cadence I tend to sound like a cowboy a  cowboy or doorman at a… Read more