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The Wolf and the Crane

This story is important to learn from because the situation happens often. The powerful need help occasionally but don't seem to understand that it's not free. Of course, a doctor expects to get paid just as the dentist, baseball card salesman, or writer. Asking someone for help and letting allowing said helper to live some third world nonsense. The moral is exactly right and I have never seen it any different. You might get paid by the powerful but never for a favor.

Check out the original fable narrated from the Aesop's Fables Library page - The Wolf and the Crane

Doing My Part

A new story will be posted every day until they are all out. The Library of Congress has 147 fables on their page that I am narrating. My YouTube Playlist is available for anyone to enjoy and share, plus additional content will be available on my Facebook page. I aim to reach people young and old.  Remind them that Aesop had some great ideas centuries ago and life could be more pleasant or at least karma will make more sense if we are all reminded of the simple stories that shape our moral beings.

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