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Belling the Cat

I have never seen a real interaction between a cat and a mouse as I have never fur fathered a feline. I am not the biggest fan of cats and agree that it makes sense to bell them. I once lived in a house for a short time where the owner had a cat. Late at night, I would go into the closet to hang up my pants, the cat would be sitting there like ET hiding in the stuffed animals. The cat scared me enough to make sure that cats are no longer under a roof with me because of the trust issues.

The bottom line is that I am not a fan of cats because they are not a big fan of me. Mice do not like cats because they apparently try to eat them. In a perfect world all cats would wear a bell but if it's too dangerous to bell the darn thing, why would you suggest a friend do it?

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Doing My Part

A new story will be posted every day until they are all out. The Library of Congress has 147 fables on their page that I am narrating. My YouTube Playlist is available for anyone to enjoy and share, plus additional content will be available on my Facebook page. I aim to reach people young and old.  Remind them that Aesop had some great ideas centuries ago and life could be more pleasant or at least karma will make more sense if we are all reminded of the simple stories that shape our moral beings.

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