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Jon Wilkins is a unique voice with almost 10 years of experience in various projects requiring a deep, engaging, everyday American male Voiceover. His motto is that the job isn’t finished until the client is happy and understands that his voice is to help achieve their goals. 

After many years working in marketing plus a few as a comedian, Jon has built a successful career in commercial voiceovers, e-learning, and documentary narration. Through the years Jon has worked with established talent and trained with some of Voiceover’s best.

Whether you are looking for a straightforward medical read, emotionally driven celebration, trustworthy ambassador, or just a fun cowboy, Jon delivers his clients what listeners love to hear. 

Most recently Jon voiced the 100th-year anniversary video for the Izaak Walton League of America. When you need a voice be sure to submit a form.

The Oklahoma Beef Council Ranch Dogs

Check Out Horse #1 that Cancels the date.

Piusi USA How to Videos for many products

Jon is a Stand Up Comedian and once ran the most exciting and entertaining Sushi Comedy Experience in the world! Every Thursday at Sushi Hai in Denver before moving to Baltimore.

Now with the COVID and the current state of the world, Jon has been focusing on Voiceover and Podcasting. The most recent recently project Deconstructing Aesop’s Fables is a combination of hosting, narrating, writing, recording, editing, marketing, and dissemination. You can find Aesop's Fables on Facebook, Deconstructing Aesop's Fables on, The Word of the Day from The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words by Tyler Vendetti. and a slue of other free content on the FunnicuzItsTru YouTube Channel.


Deconstructing Aesop's Fables created on and available on:

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