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Word of the Day from Weirdly Specific Words by Tyler Vendetti

Marketing when you don't like marketing.

Words matter and delivery of the words is important. I received Weirdly Specific Words as a gift and I did not see an audiobook version. Twitter is a great app when not used to divide a nation and that's not my style. My Twitter message to the author was a simple request with a great response. I wanted to read the words into my microphone while learning what the words mean.

Does the way something sounds have an effect on the way to react?

Do you feel in good hands due to the insurance guy's warm voice? Do you like the way the Xbox commercials make you feel about the action or are you more of a Playstation person? Would you enjoy a nature show narrated by Gilbert Gottfried? How about a reboot of The Wonder Years but instead of Daniel Stern, it's Pauly Shore. I'm pretty sure the story of Kevin would be a bit different if Pauly is the narrator. Voices help build the moment.

 A Literary Styles I find interesting

Epistolary Literature creates a great reason for narration and if you check the link from If you aren't familiar as I was not before researching the best use of a voice. Letter writing recreation of events from letters or other historical information. Here are a few examples of films created from Epistolary Literature and 7 Epistolary Time Travel Stories from a website named Den of Geeks.

When you have written something great and haven't had a chance to make it into audio format for Audible, YouTube, corporate presentations, website or blogging, educational uses, or articles you'd like to share on Social Media, it is a missed opportunity. Audio and visuals help get the point across in a different way. Some like to read consume visually while others enjoy listening to their news and entertainment.


Include add of the possible detentions

Add a  different dimension to your work and you can grab a new audience. Twitter added an audio function and most Social Media applications include audio in some form. I recommend adding voice talent to your arsenal of communication tactics and your voice if possible. is just that, a place to submit a script, get a quote, and an easy-to-use Voiceover file or full video. Audiobooks and articles, business presentations, and seminars, or anything else that requires a professional voice that you aren't producing yourself, although you know you need one.


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