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Weirdly Specific Word of the Day – Anthropocentric

Today's word of the day is Anthropocentric.

This Weirdly Specific Word, Anthropocentric is the word that explains why aliens always look familiar.

ET, Mac from Mac and Me, ALF, every Star Wars character, the description from all he UFO believers, and Area 51 propaganda. One thing we can agree upon is that all of these aliens look more like humans than they could.

They might have a glowing heart, huge teeth, long arms, wings, misplaced blobs, or abnormally giant heads but they still look pretty human.

The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words is fun and entertaining so I want to share. Tyler has a great sense of humor and I asked if I can record a Word of the Day post to help brighten everyone's day. I also think you should get a copy of the book.


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