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Weirdly Specific Word of the Day – Aglet

Today's word is Aglet.

I own two new pairs of shoes and luckily only one tie-up. The tie-up shoe has laces and those laces pre-laced by someone already who stuck their disgusting feet inside the shoes. It is not possible that this shoe was not already worn, with a home supplied sock or worse, a store supplied Try on Sock. That little pantyhose sock from a box not even big enough to rob a bank. The bottom line is that the shoes have already been laced and if they had not been pre-laced by the potentially smelly footed fella I would not be worried because I know how to use an aglet

The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words is fun and entertaining so I want to share. Tyler has a great sense of humor and I asked if I can record a Word of the Day post to help brighten everyone's day. I also think you should get a copy of the book.

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