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Do You Master Your Craft with Free Content?

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How Do You Learn Your Craft?

I went to school to be a business person eventually. My father is a businessman or a car dealer, however, you categorize that occupation. I always thought I'd have the same business person life. In 1995 I received a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Getting a degree was glorious and I felt like I was ready for the world. I then realized that most things in the work world required different skills than what college provided.

The Dream Wasn't Real

My schooling allows me to recognize a terrible economy and comment on decisions well over my head. I understand economics and the macro and micro aspects but it's not really my thing. I do not want to be an executive or a leader of people. My current world includes a day job and this Voiceover career that is one day going to take over the day job.  I need to know things and it's easy to find resources for whatever you'd like to master. My voice works well but my understanding of the editing process needs a bit of work.

You can Learn a lot from a Puppet

I want to master sound, edit my work, and have it take less time. Efficiency is always my goal but I always have trouble finding the right one. There are a lot of experts and some make production value a key element in their teaching resources. I found a puppet, Reed Stefan, and he/him/them/they/it is the best thing ever. I will learn from a puppet all day because I had real professors in a real university that could not keep my attention. At the same time, I never missed an episode of Crank Yankers.

Know More When You Can

The point I am trying to get across is that you can pave your own way and knowing just a little can get you very far. As a Voiceover Artist, I know that someone else will be mastering my work before going out to the world in commercial form. I know that I am not a master of sound just as I am not a master of the economy, even with the diploma. A little extra knowledge goes a long way and learning from a puppet is amazing.

Did you happen to see the puppets dancing like a DJ to the beats they created? I like beats but the only thing I have done is contrast the sound with the voice of a cowboy for Deputi Beats. The mix is great, take a listen, – Where Did You Get Your Beats? If you need some background music I recommend this fella.

Crank Yankers for Those Unfamilair

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