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Fiverr is a Good Launching Pad or Loss Leader

I do some work on Fiverr and the results are fantastic, the process is ok, and the platform leave a bit to be desired. I like to work with clients and communicating with
those that are responsible for the final product. Don't get me wrong, work is work but there are aspects of the voiceover industry that make little sense.

Some people have been producing voiceover for decades and some are brand new. It seems that we are all competing for the same jobs. Asking a seasoned veteran to produce a 30 second spot for $90 is most likely an insult while a new voice artist jumps at the chance. Self awareness is important and educating the client is essential to surviving the market. Platforms like Fiverr are a loss leader and are best used to form relationships.

You shouldn't be able to get a 75 work voiceover for $5 but that's a fact of life. Clients will spend money on a good investment and a solid voice will help build awareness and help develop your brand.

Here's my solution


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