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Fiverr Gigs Available or Order Direct – What’s the Difference?

I’ve got a Fiverr Profile, JonWilkins303, that allows me to get the word our for small to large gigs. I never work for $5 and so far my average sale is $133. The problem is that sellers need to promote even though there is a pool of people always coming to Fiverr for the specific tasks. Websites that offer a gig based sales platform provide templates to upload or input information about the offer and background of the seller. There are required fields and tutorials to help you sell.

They Said There’d Be No Math

Graphic designers making logos deserve much more than $5 and I have seen companies pay upwards of $80,000 for branding. There are many people that feel a service is available and should be completed for just $5. This is a very slippery slope because technically 75 word for $5 is a good deal. On $5 is $4 to the seller because Fiverr takes 20%. Of course, this 20% is a greater amount than if you are to sell direct but the ability to sell directly requires more work, or does it? I recently saw buyer request for 150,000-page word for $500. Do the math, it’s $0.00267 per word. Do some research and you’ll see that’s a lot of work for very little money. Also, that calculation is ($500 x 80%)/150,000, remember you only get $400 after the 20% for all the boiler plating.

What Are You Worth

Gig platforms give you a nice spot for a video but they don’t provide that video. If you are lucky you can get someone to make a video for $5 but that’s only going to net them $4. These platforms also give you the chance to show pictures and ad a price sheet. You can create a PDF with information about your service that a potential client can download. You can also showcase your website to people that might never see it. Why not pay a guy $5 to do keyword searches to help you get a better rank on google. There are 122 sellers in the that do keyword searches starting at $5 and each one will get you to the top of Google. (really for $4 – $40).

Is There a Quality Sacrifice of Gig Life 

There should not be a quality difference on deliverable because the seller is the seller. Marketing gigs is a different story. I make two videos, one that is super low quality so that it can be uploaded to Fiverr and then another for my website uploaded to my YouTube Channel. I am not sure what sell and track everything. The issue is that people will look everywhere and there is not a clear understanding of where traffic is finding your services. The dilemma with this is that someone might think you create the low-quality video.


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