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Do You Repurpose YouTube Videos?

This video is from the beginning of my Voiceover career and much like Standup Comedy people tend to post too much too soon. I listen to this video and realize that I do not sound anything like what I am sometimes told that I sound like. There is a joke, one of my oldest where I explain a couple of situations where someone tells me I look like someone famous. The person that is famous is never really someone I look like but there is someone that resembles that person and I always look more like them.

This is very confusing and most likely brought me to the video above. The difference is that I don't sound like anyone different, I sound like me and that is what the voiceover coaches all over the universe will tell you to strive for in the Voiceover world. Be natural, conversational, sound like the guy next door. The purpose of this is to say that many coaches will tell you to do things and I am not a coach. You take away is this

If you happen to post a terrible video with a little humor you can revise it at any time. Check out the video above for my shameless portion/example.

Traffic matters and this video has gotten over 4,000 views. The people might be disappointed with everything up until today. Today is the day I decided to use the traffic to help build new traffic.

Ps. I was in marketing for years and it is evil. Use logic and don't trick anyone.

Good Day!

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